Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A mask isn't just for Halloween

What is the mask you wear today when you're not celebrating Halloween?   Fashion statement?  Protective gear?    

I'd say  they are that and more.   They make a statement about who we are.   With a glance at our faces - now - even more than ever before, people make a fast decision about who we are.

Wearing one can send multiple messages. 

It’s simple to see them as a statement that we follow rules.  Wear one, enter the store.  No mask, no entry.

Or we are making a statement of concern about ourselves and others.  That we wear one to help reduce the spread of the virus

Or do we want people to know something about us?   Put on a mask and our face becomes a mini story board.  With a mask we can announce which team is our favorite, what school we attended, which Disney character best represents us.

Whatever you do, remember a mask is a message.  Pick the one that fits the occasion. 

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