Thursday, April 2, 2020

When Business Starts Again

When we’re back to business, we’ll realize our business will still be, maybe even more than before, global.  We’ll be looking for new markets, partners, new information and ideas.
Here are links to sources that will give you information about places around the world – sources you may not have discovered yet.   Global cities defined in different ways: 

Global cities from the travelers’ perspective.  Afar magazines looks at  their World's Best Cities:

Global Cities 2020 – Top 10 Trends including Punk & Policy, Diplomacy Meets Culture and Geopolitics Meets Urbanization from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Looking for a place welcoming to innovation?   Check the World Economic Forum’s Innovation Cities Index  (   For 2019 the 10 most innovative cities are located in six countries:  Canada, France, Japan, Singapore, UK and US.  

While some places and practices will be changed by the events of 2020, these three reports may give you ideas that you wouldn’t discover in a standard set of statistics

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