Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Three Things to Do

Attending a business breakfast, lunch, dinner, reception?  There are three things I recommend you do  before you head to the event: 

 1.   Double check how you’re going to get to the event (drive, bus, Uber, scooter?), where you’re going and what time to arrive.  

2.     Check your supply of crisp, fresh business cards.  (Ditch the ones that have been living in your wallet or the side pocket of your handbag.)

3.      Eat something.  Not recommending a hot dog and orange soda but something easy.  A handful of cashews, an apple, power bar, or a Snickers   Just enough so you don’t arrive hungry, thinking only about food.  Because if you do. you’ll likely walk by the people you intended to see in a search for food.    Don’t miss an opportunity to connect, get the information you need, because you skipped lunch.

Any suggestions for other things to do?   Please share. 

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