Sunday, September 20, 2015

The World has Arrived

September is the time when it seems that the entire world arrives in New York City.   It’s the month when the United Nations General Assembly gathers for their annual meeting.  

While this 70th annual meeting opened quietly on September 15 you can expect to see headlines appear regularly soon.  There will be major events, appearances and speeches from now until closing October 6.   With world leaders from many of the UN’s 193 member countries in attendance there will be lots of photos, videos, tweets and talking heads talking.

Take special note of September 25 when His Holiness Pope Francis will speak and the General Assembly sessions the 28th through October 6 where world leaders including US President Barack Obama, Xi Jinping of China,  Hassan Rouhani of Iran and Francois Hollande of France are scheduled to speak.  One major question at the moment is will Russian President Vladmir Putin speak? 

Want some background on the UNGA?  Check this article in The Guardian (  It’s created a concise look at the UN today and it’s history. 

Don’t miss this year’s UNGA. (#unga) earn about the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that will “define the global development framework for the next generation.”  What will these countries agree should be the focus for the years to come?  

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