Sunday, July 19, 2015

Four tips for Explorers

The season of vacations and travel is well underway.   People are talking about where they’re going, what they did while they were gone or seemingly have just vanished.  Out of office messages fill our mail boxes.

Meanwhile, recommendations for where to travel, what to do sprout up everywhere.   I came across one article that I thought offered some useful advice about how to explore a destination.  Afar magazine ( calls their tips How to Travel Deeper. They offer four simple steps that can help you learn about a new place (or more about a place you’ve checked out before).

Whether your trip is for pleasure or business you may find their ideas useful

1.  Take a cooking class.  Get to know something about the food beyond what you experience in a restaurant – even one recommended by the locals.

2. Drink the local Wine (or whatever is the local favorite liquid refreshment – wine, beer, coffee, tea or something else.  At a tasting of food and drink from Peru organized by the Consul General of Peru in San Francisco, I tasted Pisco, the brandy developed in the 16th century by a Spanish settler. Famous in Peru it was new to me. Along with discovering a new taste treat I learned something about Peru at the same time).

3. Visit churches, temples, and sacred places.  (Discover art, architecture and places of importance in the community.)

4.  Tour by bike  - (or for those of us who don’t do bikes - walking, taking local transportation – also offer ways to engage with the locale more directly than running from place to place by taxi or tour bus.)

Every traveler has a special way of exploring and enjoying where they go.  What else would you suggest to a friend who ask for your advice?  Will you try one of these steps - or all four -- on your next trip?

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