Sunday, December 28, 2014

Coffee and Company: The Year of the Cat

Thinking about where to travel, what to see in 2015?  New destinations?  New adventures?  
On the search I read the through the Los Angeles Time “Forecast for Travelers.”  It told me that airfares aren’t likely to come down, hotels may be increasingly family friendly, that a rental car may cost more and that I won’t be able to add pages to my (US) passport after 2015.  Useful predictions.  Except for the passport piece, not surprising.

But I was surprised to read that 2015 may be The Year of the Cat  - Not the Chinese zodiac calendar animal of the year but the little four legged furry feline, the one that is a popular pet with estimates of over 100 million kept as pets worldwide.  

Away form home and wishing for a little cuddle with a kitty?  Something to reduce the stress of the new place?  – look for a café that will offer coffee and a few minutes visiting with a cat.  Japan, New York, Paris, Vilnius, Madrid and Singapore  ( all are mentioned.  

Looking for others – check the article posted by CNBC.  You’ll find cafes and cats in Germany, Vienna, the UK and Budapest.

Will this new trend reach your city?

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