Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pirates, Weapons and an ATM

We think that reading the headlines will tell us everything we need to know about a country far away.  Maybe one we’ll visit or do business in.  But it depends on what headlines you read what you’ll know. 

Looking for news of Somalia in the last two days I’ve seen headlines about weapons, food shortages, kidnapping and pirates.  Familiar themes. 

Imagine my surprise to discover an article about the first ever ATM arriving in Mogadishu. An ATM that gives US dollars, not the local currency the shilling.  According to the author Mohamed Moalimu, the shilling is “almost worthless” and for business, people prefer the US dollar. 

It’s a reminder that when you’re looking at a new destination for business or pleasure you can’t check enough sources.   And not to settle just for what you find on line. Find someone who has been there, is there, get the full story not just the headlines.

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