Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Map You Love

It’s so easy to check into a hotel, pick up the paper map that they have for guests and head out to explore a new city.  But will that map really get you where you want to go?

I’d never thought much about it until last week exploring Rome with a friend, trying for find the apartment I'd rented for a visit in July.  Between us we had 3 books with maps and two copies of the hotel map. (Unfortunately my favorite Street Wise was no where to be found)

To our surprise each map showed a slightly different version of the city.   Sometimes the street we wanted didn’t even appear.  Sometimes it was shown but connected to streets with different names. Which one to believe?  Where to go?

Of course paper maps and ones printed in books aren’t the only guides to a city.  If you can get WiFi Google is there to help.  Or before leaving home download a map App that doesn’t require WiFi from the iTunes store.   We have choices.

But if you’re a fan of a printed map, happy standing on a corner trying to read names of streets  off the sides of buildings, then I recommend my favorite Street Wise maps.(streetwisemaps.comI love them for the reference list they provide of street names, monuments, places of interest that makes it easy to find what I’m looking for.

To find that one map that you like the best find one that you like for your city.  Does it give you the information you’d want as a visitor? If so, you may find that it does it for cities where you’ll travel.  Find a map you love and enjoy the adventure of discovering a new place.

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