Sunday, January 5, 2014

Who will be elected?

In the United States  we are already confronted with stories about the 2014 Congressional elections to be hold in November plus previews and speculation about  who will run for President in 2014.  It would be easy to think that ours are the only elections happening.  But that is far from true.

Check the list of . “Top 10 Upcoming Global Elections” prepared by the Globalist.

Then you can mark your calendar to discover who will be elected President in Afghanistan (April 5), in Turkey (August), Columbia (May 25), Indonesia (July 9) or  Brazil (October 5).

Plus, the European Union parliament has elections in May that may bring up to 751 new members to that body (  South Africans will vote for the national assembly between April and June.

But the ten on the Globalist list aren’t the only elections scheduled for this year.  Wikipedia publishes a National Electoral Calendar that lists a total of 41 elections including those in Hungary and Romania.

The National Democratic Institute has its own 2014-2014 Election calendar (  That list is even longer.  It includes  43 different elections to be held in 2014 and more for 2015. Interested in Moldova, Mozambique or Bolivia?  Check this list and dates to note in your calendar.

Who will be in charge where?  The outcomes of elections in countries big and small are likely to have an impact on all of us whether we get to vote or not.

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