Sunday, November 17, 2013

It’s the Giving Season: The Challenge is Upon Us

For much of the world the next few weeks are the time to buy and distribute gifts.  Gifts for friends, for family, for colleagues, and clients.  How do we make this fun?  How do we send a message with our gift that says we like and honor you?    

Some reminders of things to think about as you create your lists:

Just because you love it doesn’t mean everyone will.   I have one friend who loves books, one who doesn’t read.  Books yes and books no.

For business its more complicated than what someone likes (although that’s the first thing to consider).  Can they accept a gift?  If so, are there monetary limits?   A $25  collection of cookies may be ok but a $50 crystal bowl may have to be returned.  Do some homework.

Check to find out if there restrictions based on religion, health. allergies.  A bottle of champagne may be a welcome luxury or seen as thoughtless, worse, disrespectful gift. 

Check before you shop.  Ask someone who knows the recipient.  Check with your legal department.  

With some advance work you're more likely to discover the gift that brightens the day - both theirs and yours.  


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