Sunday, October 20, 2013

Food - Too much or Not Enough?

Last week food was in the news.  Not due to chicken grown in California being linked to salmonella poisoning  - a big issue the weeks before at least in California. 

Rather this week the highlights were food in general  - both the unmet needs around the world as well as concerns about lack of healthy choices where food is abundant.

First the hopeful.  October 16 was the 32nd celebration of World Food Day – something I’d never heard of.  World Food Day ( is celebrated honor of the founding of the Food and Agricultural organization  of the United Nations in 1945. The day is recognized  by organizations concerned with food security, and the availability of food for the world’s population.  The Word Food Day's  call to action is “Join the movement to end world hunger.”
 Just two days later the focus changed.  The Wall St. Journal ( an article looking not at hunger but at consumption of  food considered in unhealthy.  Written by Ann Gutherie, the article was titled:  “Mexico to Try Taxes to Combat Obesity”
Mexico’s concern isn't with feeding its population but with the food its people now eat.   Junk food.  Lots of it.  The proposed taxes on junk food is an attempt to “contain runaway rates of obesity and diabetes.”   According to the article “Seven of 10 adults in Mexico and a third of children are either overweight or obese.” 

But it isn’t just Mexico that is struggling with the issue of what people chose to eat when there’s food.  The next day the Journal  ( ran an article At McDonald’s, Salads Just Don’t Sell.   The article was concerned with the fact that McDonalds recent growth has been “lackluster” and its “stock has underperformed”.  One reason?  The lack of success with a healthier menu.    Burgers and fries still beat out salads and apple slices.

Food.  Too much.  Not Enough. Healthy or Tasty.   Safe or Tainted.   Much to consider beyond what we'll eat for our next meal. 

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