Sunday, September 22, 2013

Food From Home: Gobal and Local

If you’re an American and looking for a taste of home when you travel you may be pleased to learn that another well known food chain is expanding.  Last week Krispy Kreme doughnuts  announced that they will now be available in Moscow.

It isn’t their first adventure outside the US.  Krispy Kreme is in 17 countries including Thailand, India, Kuwiat and Japan.

In Moscow they join other familiar names:  Starbucks with 57 units, McDonald's with 378 outlets throughout Russia and KFC that is planning to expand to 450 units by 2015.

But will this food from home seem like food from home?  How much will the menus change and adapt to local tastes?  In the Washington Post article above they mention that special flavors appealing to local tastes are now being served.  Even this tasty American treat,  like many that have been there longer, is now both global and local.

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