Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food from home Travels

Last week I wrote about food from home – global brands that travel and become thought of as home food when we’re on the road.    In Dehli or DC, Los Angeles or Paris?  Living there or visiting McDonalds can be food from home.

But that isn’t the only kind of “food from home.”Reading an article in the April 6 edition of The Economist  ( on movement of talent around the world I was reminded that it isn’t just the food of McDonalds, Subway and KFC that spread around the world.    
The article, "Long an exporter of talent, Latin America is now importing it" opens by talking about food following the emigration around the world.  Tacos spread throughout the US, Spanish tapas bars appear in Mexico and Portuguese bakeries pop up in Brazil.  
One way an expat adapts to a new place is through food.  Finding food that's familiar helps us settle into a new environment, make a new home.   And the influx of people from other places whether on vacation or on assignment creates a demand for food from the place of their origins.  Entrepreneurs fill that demand and suddenly, food from home is the new food of the place thousands of miles away.
We travel and so does our food.  What will you look when you arrive someplace new? 

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