Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ladies on Bikes

It’s so easy to take for granted our internet access.  Smart phones.  Tablets.  Laptops. Desktops.  We talk and tweet, chat and check facts, find recipes, and book our travel.

We forget the early moments when we first searched and found information without having to trek to a library.  When we could suddenly communicate by email instead of just by phone, or by writing a letter. 

A recent article about the Internet Bike Ladies in Bangledesh reminded me of what a powerful, sometimes life changing, tool the internet, or more properly, access to it, can be.    For people in these remote villages it provides a means to connect, find information.  It's allowed people to create new businesses.   Click on the link, read the story.  Take a minute to remember how your life has changed thanks to access to the internet.

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