Sunday, April 15, 2012

Laugh, Travel & Be Creative

The opening line of a recent Wall Street Journal article “How to Be Creative” says “Creativity can seem like magic.”  Many of us may agree.  However Jonah Lehrer in his book Imagine - How Creativity Works  ( says creativity isn’t magic.  It isn’t in our genes.  It’s a skill.  One that can be developed. 

 The article includes a list of ten things we can do to increase our creativity which can be defined as “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships”.   Lehrer’s list is titled “10 Quick Creativity Hacks. ”  Two items on the list caught my eye as if written in big red letters.  “Laugh it Up” and “See the World.”  Laughing and traveling as tools to improve creativity?   Great news!

According to Lehrer research has shown that laughing improves peoples’ ability to solve problems.  Next time you read a funny story, watch a silly movie know you’re not wasting time.  Rather you're developing your thinking abilities.

Travel we know provides new experiences, connections to people, insights to culture, discovery of new foods.  All of these combine to give us information to draw upon when we need to solve a problem, develop a new design, procedure or process. 

Laugh and relax.  Travel and discover.  Combined with all that you know and you may discover a creative spark that has been hidden from view.

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