Sunday, September 4, 2011

A New Country Almost Two Months Old

On July 9, 2011 South Sudan, a nation of 8 million people, officially gained its independence.  Once part of the country of Sudan, it now stands a unique nation and on July 14 it joined the United Nations becoming member country  #193.  

Beyond the headline announcing it ascension to this major world organization we can observe other indicators of the existence of a new county.  It has an official name:  Republic of South Sudan.  A flag.  A national anthem.  A motto:  Justice, Liberty, Prosperity.  A calling code ( 211)  and an official language: English. 

On a practical note, a currency was created and issued:  the South Sudanese pound. You can see a photo at the International Business Times  http://www.   On one side the bills feature a photo of John Garange who led the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army and signed the peace agreement that led to the independence voted on July 9.  Although the pound is now in circulation you can’t yet check the exchange rate on the Universal Currency Converter site ( or Oanda ( but check back, the currency is new.

The Republic has a capital city, Juba.  However, it was just announced that it will create a new capital in Ramciel moving over the next three to five year to a location that will provide with ample room for expansion, creation of government buildings and construction of embassies for representatives of other nations.

Looking for background about this new nation?  Find details in the Wikipedia and the CIA WorldFactobook.  Prefer a site dedicated to current news?  You can read current articles on (  or ( set a Google Alert and receive news from a variety of sources.

 If you have followed the recent news you’d know in addition to naming a new capital location, that the struggle with Sudan (the north, the remainder of the original country) over boundaries and oil revenue is on-going.  Further you’d have discovered that the first embassy of South Sudan will be built in Israel although the city, either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv,  has yet to be confirmed. 

What else will happen in the months ahead?  What will the stories that we'll read on July 9, 2012, the first anniversary of the independence of the Republic of South Sudan?

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