Monday, November 1, 2010

No PDA here

When I think about my upcoming visit to Hong Kong I imagine the wonderful view of the harbor at night, the pleasure of riding the Star Ferry and the adventure of figuring out what to eat while exploring the city. 

But talking recently with friends who work for the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council ( discussing differences between business in Hong Kong and the US I learned about something I wouldn’t see.  There probably won’t be any  PDA.  That translates to no Public Displays of Affection.   

Even when the public is your friends or family much less strangers on the street.  No holding hands.  No quick kisses.   Showing affection between two adults is very private, reserved for the people involved.    As I thought back to my last Hong Kong visit that coincided with Valentines Day I realized that on that romantic weekend celebrated enthusiastically I saw no PDA.  There were many couples walking together, with the woman carrying a bouquet of flowers (not something you’d see in LA).  But there were no casual PDA.   Flowers carried were the show of affection rather than hands linked together.  

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