Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Best Country Is ?

What’s the best country in the world?  If you’re wondering how to answer that question you can consult Newsweek (magazine’s) article (   Their report ranks 100 countries  to answer to the question:  If you were born today where should you be born to have the best opportunities to live a safe, healthy, reasonably prosperous life?  The full ranking can be found on line but you’ll want to know that Finland was declared # 1 and completed  Burkina Faso  the list at #100.  The US?  It's  #11. 

In addition to an Overall Best category they also broke down the survey in other ways.  For example there was Quality of Life with Germany #1, Economic Dynamism with Singapore  # 1 and the US #2.  In addition there’s a more lighthearted look at the world ranking the best place to fly a kite (India), to own a dog (Belgium), to take a road trip (South Africa) or to dine (Spain).

Take a look at world in another way.  Decide for yourself, what country ranks as #1.


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