Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A New Language?

Is a new language emerging?   Can it be one that is considered too casual, too odd today but one that  may make it easier to connect without sharing a mother tongue or educational level?  Maybe so.

Writing in the Huffington Post (www.huffingtonpost.com) Dr. Galit Dayan suggests that the icons and shortened words used in today’s text messages may be the beginning of a new language, one that links back 5,000 years to the Egyptian hieroglyphics.  The Egyptian writing consisted of universally understood symbols allowing an entire society to understand the messages being conveyed.  One did not need to know how to read traditional words formed by combinations of letters or images (Chinese ideographs for example) to grasp a message.

In her post “Text Like an Egpytian”
www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-galit-dayan/text-like-an-egyptian_b_623341.html) she proposes that we are creating new global language which may be referred to some day as “text message icon language”.  While for some readers of this post it  may be difficult to decipher the message that was part of her example of this emerging language “ i'm vcing with Sacha and she said thr is a kb aftr and omg it's going 2 b so kool. so can i go? kkk g2g ttyl ily “ for millions of people around the world this message will be quite clear.

Is it possible that texting, sending messages that use symbols, eliminate vowels, create new letter combinations to represent words or phrases may become a global language?  One that allows us to connect more easily?  If so, it will be worth all the struggles learning to translate the text above that begins “I’m voicing with Sacha and ends with “I Love You”.

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