Monday, January 11, 2010

When Call I Call?

My friend visiting from Paris asked me when was a good time during the day or evening to call someone at home. When would be appropriate to reach out to a friend for a chat, to ask for some information, or simply say hello? Her query was prompted by her experience calling a friend in Los Angeles at 6:00 pm, the perfect time in Paris where it would be after the press of work, before dinner would be starting. To her surprise her LA friend couldn’t talk then as they were on the way out to dinner.

The discussion reminded me that every place has its rhythm of life. There is a time for meals, for work, for play and to sleep. To really know a place, connect with people we meet its important to understand the patterns of a day.

To learn what that schedule may be at your next destination check the country reports called, Culture Grams ( They cover times for meals as well as business hours. (Don’t forget to check the World Clock at to be sure you know what time it is at home and at the place your are visiting.)

Be prepared so that when your thoughtful phone call is placed it's likely to be a time when it will be happily received.

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