Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time to Vote

No matter which candidate you prefer for the next American president, even if you’re not wildly excited about either one, if you’re eligible to vote – then take advantage of that opportunity and vote. Some consider it a bother, a chore to be done, or that their vote doesn’t matter.
Too much trouble? Take it in easy steps. Register to vote on line. Go to Rock the Vote (www.rockthevote.com), The League of Women Voters (www.lwv.org), Vote 411 (www.vote411.org) or even the Obama site (www.barackobama.com). Note: the McCain site doesn’t appear to give you an option of registering. You don’t have to read any opinions, simply click and register.
Once you register you can get an absentee ballot. Fill it out in the privacy of your home and send it off. No standing in line. Scheduling time at the polling place. Fill it out, attach a stamp and your voice can be heard.
Be glad you can do this. People fight and die in our modern world to have this privilege.
You may not feel as though you’ve been heard, wonder if you count - but it’s certain - if you don’t vote there’s no chance that anyone will hear you. Rock the World in 2008. Vote.

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Phivos Nicolaides said...

As the anchient Greek philisopher Thukididis put it: The indifferent citizen is a useless citizen!