Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why This Blog?

We are repeatedly told Be Global, Act Local.  Magazines are filled with stories of companies that do it well and others that don't. But what does the instruction really mean?  To me its more than selecting the local celebrity for an advertising campaign or hiring local managers rather than brining in expats.  
Act Local means Think Local.  Know the place, its history, the business culture - not simply the observable actions like greetings and meal times, but the concepts that shape the behaviors we see.  How is the question ' Who Am I? answered.  An individual or member of a group?  What's valued - truth or diplomacy?  Tasks or people?  Understand how people view the world, what's valued what isn't.  Then you can begin to Think and Act Local (and be Global).
In this blog I'll share thoughts, observations, stories that bring to life the concepts of global and local as well as some practical issues from travel to dinner as a business tool.
Join me for the adventure of working with the world.  Please send your comments, your stories and observations.  Post a comment here or reach me directly at

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